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There will be a quarterly Board of Directors meeting at the Whispering Pines meeting hall on Saturday, February 18th @ 1:oo pm


winter in review, finances, what's new.

Letter from the President

Dear Members,

  I  have had the great honor to serve Leisure Lands Community as President since August of 2022, starting out in an acting position and then appointed President in August. I would like to thank our board of directors, staff and members for the warm and engaging welcome in this new role.

   It has been a rewarding year, and the best is yet to come!

When I first came into this role, Leisure Lands Community was facing financial challenges, and our membership renewals had decreased. I am pleased to report that we have managed a strong turn-around and we are utilizing your  investment in your membership dues, to strengthen our services to you.

Looking ahead, here are some things we are working on to serve our

members, strengthen our Community, and make Leisure Lands Community a better place to live:

*Improve our customer service, website, online learning opportunities and engagement of members in face-to-face networking and learning programs.

*Improved Parks

* Improved Mail boxes

*Improved Roads & Signs

*Clean Up Days

* Community Yard Sale

   These are just a few ways that we are strengthening our association to better serve you. We thank you for your input and  are open to your questions and feedback year-round. Drop a question in our drop box by the mailboxes.

   We are embarking on strategic planning now, and look forward to engaging  you in that process, as well. You can contact us directly at LLCAI.Org or Phone: 570-223-1473


President, Ray Klein

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